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Duty Free Shop List

Just before your departure, Royce' products can be purchased at Duty Free Shop.
Enjoy your last minute shopping.

New Chitose Airport

Duty Free Shop 0123-46-5254

Sendai Airport

Duty Free Shop 022-383-6205

Niigata Airport

Duty Free Shop 025-275-2680

Ibaraki Airport

Duty Free Shop 0299-54-0940

Haneda Airport

Tiat Duty Free Shop Central 03-6428-0740
Tokyo Souvenir Shop South 03-6428-0767
Tokyo Souvenir Shop North 03-6428-0764
Chocolate Boutique 03-6428-0734

Narita International Airport Terminal 1

Fa-So-La Souvenir [Satelite 3] *0120-191-624
Fa-So-La Tax & Duty Free Kagura [At narita nakamise South Wing]
Fa-So-La Tax Free ASAKUSA
1 Sate Gateway [North Wing] *0120-32-8680
ANA DUTY & TAX FREE SHOP [Satelite 4] *0120-029-023

Narita International Airport Terminal 2

Tax Free Shop Blue Sky
Gate 91 [Satelite]
BLUE SKY Gate 82 [Satelite] 0476-34-6128
BLUE SKY Gate 74 [Main Building] 0476-34-6212
BLUE SKY Gate 63 [Main Building] 0476-34-6210
Fa-So-La Tax Free AKIHABARA *0120-191-624

Narita International Airport Terminal 3

Fa-So-La SOUVENIR AKIHABARA *0120-191-625

Narita International Airport

Fa-So-La Gift Shop South Wing
[Terminal 1]
BLUE SKY Omiyage Plaza [Terminal 2] 0476-34-6205
ANA FESTA Lobby Gift Shop [Terminal 2] 0476-34-7826
BLUE SKY Gate 63 [Main Building] 0476-34-6210
Fa-So-La Tax Free AKIHABARA *0120-191-624

Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport

Duty Free Shop 0548-29-2020

Toyama Airport

Duty Free Shop 076-495-3156

Komatsu Airport

Duty Free Shop 0761-23-6122

Chubu Centrair International Airport

Centrair Duty Free Gift & Travel goods 0569-38-7122
Centrair Duty Free Center Pier 0569-38-7122
Centrair Duty Free Neo Japan 0569-38-7122

Kansai International Airport

Yorozu 072-455-2827
BLUE SKY Open Cafeteria 072-455-3582
BLUE SKY South Wing 072-455-3579
Sky Spot 072-455-4828
Miyabi 072-455-2828
ANA Festa Kansai International Gate 072-456-7850
Nagomi 072-456-6550
Irodori 072-455-4104
Applause Terminal2 Shop 072-455-4100
Applause Terminal2 Gate Shop 072-455-4129

Okayama Airport

Duty Free Shop 086-294-5201

Hiroshima Airport

Duty Free Shop 0848-86-8164

Takamatsu Airport

Duty Free Shop 087-835-8102

Fukuoka Airport

South Duty Free Shop *0120-290-9511

Hakata Port

Duty Free Shop 092-271-1166

Saga Airport

Duty Free Shop 0952-37-5446

Nagasaki Airport

Duty Free Shop 0957-52-5551

Oita Airport

Duty Free Shop 0978-67-1175

Kumamoto Airport

Duty Free Shop 096-232-3552

Miyazaki Airport

Duty Free Shop 0985-51-5111

Kagoshima Airport

Duty Free Shop 0995-58-2117

Naha Airport

Duty Free Shop 098-891-8111

*The toll-free number can be connected only in Japan

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